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Tips For Stay-At-Home Mom Wannabees


stay-at-home-momI have been a stay-at-home for a couple of years. I made that decision and never looked back. Choosing to stay home was the best decision I made. I love that that I can be with my kids all the time.

But of course, I had to adjust to this kind of lifestyle. It wasn’t an overnight transition but it was definitely worth it. A lot of my friends admire my graceful transition to motherhood. As a matter of fact, some of them are inspired to take on the challenge to become a stay-home mom as well. So hopefully this can shed some light.

The Starting Line

While I have countless of tips for a stay-at-home mom wannabee, this video gives a good insight as to what to do first.

“The very first thing I would say is practice. If you have the luxury of being in a career now and you can start to wean yourself out of that second income and rely only on your spouse’s income. That’s the best place to start because then you can really see if it’s a feasible option for you.”

I wish I had known that before. In my case, I made an abrupt decision after I gave birth. Although I never regretted it, I was not prepared to for it. So I think it’s best to practice and carefully adjust to a one-income household before making the decision.

Look Ahead And Plan

Before making the decision, it’s best to look ahead and plan.

“… things like long term planning, things like insurance so that when you do have the children, you’re already fully insured to make sure … if ever anything happens to you, it’s gonna be alright for your kids.”

Insurance is definitely a big consideration. Whether it’s a health or medical insurance, it’s something to really think about. If a one-income household can handle the payments, then it’s all good. In my case, I’m pretty lucky to have been able to save up for it. The savings is a good fallback and is one of the major considerations in my decision to stay home.

Learn To Organize

The top priority to organize is bills. Make a breakdown of the daily expenses.

“The base thing there we see there is actually organizing your meals, meal planning. You can meal plan two weeks in advance … you avoid eating out.”

This is so true. Meal planning is really one effective way to control the daily expenses. I learned this in the process. In hindsight, my transition would have been a lot smoother if I had known this sooner.

Don’t Stop Learning

This is one tip that I feel strongly about. No matter what, the learning should not stop. As a stay-home mom, a lot of things will change. Priorities will change. But the learning shouldn’t stop.

“… you can do so much online now … research and do online classes to better yourself …”

Don’t Look Back

Deciding to be a stay-home mom is easy. But transitioning to the role is going to be really challenging. So once the decision has been made, don’t look back. Every single challenge is worth it. Nothing can beat the feeling of seeing the kids grow up and simply being there for them.

So hopefully these tips can shed some light to a stay-at-home mom wannabee.