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Saying No Without The Guilt

It’s one of the hardest things to do, saying “no” to our children. As parents, we want to give everything to our children. It’s very hard to say “no” to those desperate eyes piercing right through us. But we know, deep down, we have to say it.

When It’s Time To Say No

There are a lot of reasons why it’s so hard to say “no” to our kids. Based on my experience, I would rather just give in so that I wouldn’t have to argue. It’s quite tiring to argue.

Another reason why I have a hard time saying “no” is because I don’t want my kids to feel deprived. As a parent, I want to make it better for my kids. As much as possible, I want them to have a better life. Giving them everything they want is a way for me to make it better. But, of course, that’s not exactly ideal parenting.

According to Stacy Johnson of Money Talks News, it’s okay to say no to our kids. Even if they’re hard to resist, it’s okay to say the two-letter word to our kids most especially if our budget can’t accommodate what they want. This takes a lot of explaining but we need to do it. By not giving in to every single whim of our children, we are building their character.

Helpful Tips To Say “No”

Here are some great tips to help us say “no”. I’m sure these tips will come in handy for us, parents.

Give an alternative, not an ultimatum. When kids want something and they can’t get it, they either cry or throw a tantrum. One of our most common mistakes is to give them an ultimatum. So we resort to saying something like, “If you don’t stop crying, you’ll be grounded.” So instead of giving an ultimatum, we should give an alternative.

Brief them before going to the mall. Kids usually want to buy something when they go to the mall. Stacy Johnson suggests this.

“Explain before you go what you’re there to get and this trip won’t involve something for them. But offer to take them another day so they can use their own money to buy something.”

I find this a very creative way of saying “no” because it really doesn’t require us to that two-letter word.

Take some time to communicate, instead of saying “no” immediately. Again, Stacy Johnson recommend that we do this.

“What you need to do is ask the child why they want what they want and then explain why it’s not just possible right now. The key is to be positive but firm.”

This takes a lot of effort and it can be tiring. But I think our kids deserve to know why they can’t buy something at that moment. So instead of sending a negative impact by saying “no”, we should really set them aside so that we can talk to them properly.

These tips don’t really make us say “no”. But they all pretty much sum up to the word “no”. That said, we can finally “say no’ without the guilt.

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Stop The Worrying About Your Babysitter

sittercity-sittersAs a parent, I’m always worried and anxious about my little girl. Every little thing she feels, every little thing she does, and everything little thing she eats worries me. Is she okay? Is she happy? Is she eating right? Every second of the my day is consumed with thoughts about my daughter. So you can only imagine how worried and stressed I was when I had to go back to work.

Making A Painful Decision

As much as I wanted to stay home with little girl, I had to make the painful decision to go back to work. How I wish I could stay with her ever single second. How I wish I could be there for her all the time. My mother stayed home when I was young and I loved every second of it. I loved that she was the first person I saw in the morning and when I got back from school. But those times were much simpler. Things are very different nowadays.

My Reasons For Choosing Sittercity

So just like any working mom, I needed help. I needed to find someone that could come every morning to watch my little girl. But I was NOT looking for an ordinary someone. I wanted someone that could really care for my daughter. Not just someone that could just physically be there for my daughter. That’s why I went for Sittercity. I definitely will make it a point to provide some reviews on Sittercity on the parenting forum that I am part of.

Knowing that I have someone that I can truly trust and rely on is a huge thing for me. My sitter is amazing that she goes beyond her duties just to make sure my daughter is in good hands. One time, I got home really late and she took care of everything. From homework to dinner, she had it covered. Her great attitude towards her work and her sincere care for my little girl just made me stay with Sittercity. There was no need for me to look for any other child care service provider.

Another good thing about Sittercity is that it provides useful tools that can help parents gather personal and work information about the sitters. I got to know more about the sitter I hired way before she started watching my daughter. Also, I was able to get references from her past employers which really helped me decide. It couldn’t have been done any other way. Sittercity showed me the right way to find someone I could really trust. And as a bonus, every now and then, Sittercity provides a promo code for new members to save some money.

It’s Different Now But It’s Better

So it maybe a lot different nowadays. Moms like me have to work and depend on professional child care services. But Sittercity makes it better. With the quality of sitters I get from Sittercity, I need not worry about my little girl.

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Finding a Reliable Childcare Service

sittercity-promo-code-childcareWhen was the last time you had entrusted your kids to a complete stranger? At one time or another, you may have probably hired the only babysitter in the neighborhood. While you weren’t exactly crazy about that particular babysitter, you were just relieved that a grown up was in the house watching your kids.

Hiring the first available person to take care of your kids isn’t the wisest thing to do. But there are times when you are left with no choices.

Sittercity Gives You Choices

You have probably heard of Sittercity. But if you haven’t tried it, you may want to reconsider. Sittercity is a web-based childcare service provider. It guarantees to connect you to a large network of babysitters. While it may sound too good to be true, Sittercity has a professional network of babysitters you can easily connect to. Once you sign up, you’ll definitely have more than enough pool of babysitters to choose from.

Is This Childcare Service Affordable?

Good reliable service is never free. You would really need to invest to make sure you get that level of quality you deserve. But, yes, Sittercity is affordable most especially if you avail of their three-month plan. According to CX Baby, while you’re not committed to a yearly plan, you can still have the convenience of finding a babysitter when the need arises. So you will never have to end up with the only babysitter in the neighborhood. Finally, you have a choice … a lot of choices.

How Different Is Sittercity From The Rest?

There are other online childcare service providers that you may want to look into before making a choice. But if there’s one thing that makes Sittercity different from the others and it’s the promise of security.

With Sittercity, you can conduct a background check on the babysitters. So if in case you are in a quandary as to whom to hire, you can decide based on the information you have gathered from the background check. While you had thought all along that it was impossible to get any background information on the babysitter, Sittercity makes it very easy for you. This is pretty much how Sittercity is different from the other online childcare service providers.

Find A Babysitter That Suits You

Given how Sittercity can make it very safe for kids, you can finally give it a try. You may want to give the three-month plan a try. It’s most likely that you will need a babysitter within the three months of your Sittercity membership plan. Once you decide to join this online sitter resource, make sure to use a Sittercity promo code instant discount to save on your membership.

So when the need arises, all you have to do is post a job. Just make sure to write a detailed job post. Don’t post a job saying, “Babysitter needed”. Make sure to use up all the space, describing the qualities of the babysitter you prefer. A detailed job post is a good start to connect you to the babysitter you’re looking for.

Based on some of the Sittercity reviews I read, once you have written a detailed job post, you will get responses from applicants willing to take on the task. Then everything else is on your side. You now have the choices and the tools; make use of all of them to find that babysitter you will feel most comfortable with.

So there’s really no need to entrust your kids to a complete stranger. You now have a choice to find a reliable babysitter. Remember there is a reliable childcare service called Sittercity.

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The Busy Mom Behind Angie’s List

angies-list-review-momWho hasn’t heard of Angie’s List? It’s everywhere. Just about everybody depends on it. Angie’s List has become a household name.

The Today Show describes Angie’s List as: “… the online membership service that compiles consumer ratings of everything from babysitting to plastic surgeons.”

According to Homeowners Life  website, serious and smart-spending consumers rely on Angie’s List to find the right service provider. Gone are the days of yellow pages. In this time and age. even word-of-mouth has gone digital.

The Woman Behind Angie’s List

Angie Hicks is the woman behind Angie’s List. The Today Show sums up her business acumen.

“Imagine you start a business right out of college, then you watch it grow into a national success.”

That’s exactly what Angie Hicks did. Fresh out of college, she started gathering customers’ reviews and went on to create Angie’s List. She looks back on how she started Angie’s List.

“You actually would call in and talk to me. I’d look up on the list who the best plumbers were in town and give them to you over the phone.”

But of course, that was about eighteen years ago. Angie’s List has grown from a one-man operating team to a company that employs 1,540 employees.

“These days, Angie is rarely the person answering the phone. The publicly traded company has grown to cover more than two hundred cities.”

One Busy Mom

Angie Hicks is one busy mom. She has three kids and just loves being a mom.

“I was given some advice early on that no one is going to make your family a priority but you.”

She also admits that being a mom has made her a better person in business and in everything else.

“Definitely, being a mom has helped me. It has soften me and helped me become a better manager. I think that once you realize that there’s not like this perfect work-life balance, there are no superhumans, there are none.”

For the other busy moms, that’s something to really think about.

What Every Busy Mom Needs

According to contractors Angie’s List reviews, this service is what every busy mom needs. A busy mom doesn’t have to be one that’s balancing work and the family. Even a stay-home mom is busy. Managing the household and making sure the family is taken care of is not a joke.

That’s why there’s Angie’s List. Angie’s List guides busy mom in choosing the right service provider. The reviews are posted by previous consumers of the a particular service provider. All the busy moms have to do is to read all the reviews and to decide from there if it’s the right service provider for them. Angie’s List takes in consideration all the logistics in choosing a service provider. From consumer feedback to location, to cost; Angie’s List has it all covered.

And if there’s one busy mom that takes advantage of Angie’s List it’s Angie Hicks herself. When asked how contractors react when she calls on them for help, she says:

“I’m not handy, my husband is not handy. We are at their mercy … so please just do the work…I really need it done.”

Angie’s List takes out all the stress in choosing a contractor or any service provider. Knowing that there’s a Complaint Resolution Team that handles any issues in a project or any transaction gives a busy mom some peace of mind. That’s why Angie, just like any busy mom, just wants to get the job done. By the way, using a promo code for angies list makes the service way more affordable so make sure you use one.

Take it from the busy mom behind Angie’s List. After all, she doesn’t really need to look far to find the right service provider for all her home needs.

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